Infografia ABC-Digital

ABC Digital

This is an agency that has constructed itself by creating its own systems, schemes, order, and logic inspired by new technologies.

A, B, C is the sequence of the first 3 letters of our linguistic system, a fundamental aspect of human communication, which can be divided into sender, message and receiver. A, B, C is equivalent to 1, 2, 3—a metaphor of practicality, sequence and hierarchy. We could find numerous sources influenced by the category of things classified as triads, and inspired by the same theme we could write a treatise, but…

“What matters is that in the end we were amazed by this concept: the complexity of things that seem easy. Because we know that to end with a practical finishing product, there must be a process of simplification derived from comprehending its objective.”

Based on our experience and in the aforementioned concept, we have created the following workflow scheme:

ANALIZE: Knowledge of the medium. We analyze, identify needs and value quantitative information in our decision making process. We know the importance of time, information management, and the internet user’s behavior. We leverage your efforts offline by creating a symbiosis of your online actions to your company’s history.

BREAKDOWN: Strategy application, assertive communication. We seek solutions and new ways of doing things. We are continuously changing and evolving with the medium because we are digital natives and part of the Communication and Information Revolution.

CONTROL: Obtaining results, measuring them to our goals, and adjusting. We’re in control of reaching your objectives in time, our desire is to go above and beyond them.